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13 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. suvash Acharya says:

    Excellent job and looks very good.

    If possible please keep legend on photographs or name the group name of photograph where the photographs belong to.

    Keep it up.


  2. isabel says:

    tu trabajo me parece toda una obra de arte, una forma de ver la vida plasmada en fotos muy buenas como las que tu tomas ante un mundo desconocido, te felicito, y espero que sigas teniendo exitos..

  3. Erik says:

    Fantatic pics – you must have a future also within this field!

  4. Lui says:


    I am really impressed with how you capture the shine in his eyes. Superb cropping too!!!

  5. Xuefei says:

    I like your pictures!I like this colorful world!

  6. Tojikistoni says:

    Ulrik. Accept my appreciations in writing, in addition to that I’d expressed many time verbally….Really, I enjoy looking at photos & sure many do…perfect selection….
    Recommend you to keep yourself happy…you are very smart on catching the real moment..& in general a good photographer…
    Hope we’ll keep enjoying new and new pictures from colorful world…
    Best wishes,

  7. giuliana says:

    will you bring me with you…?

  8. Svante says:

    This is absolutely a cool, simple and beautiful website. I am truly impressed. You should get in contact with the communication division here and let them know about your photos. I can also talk to them if you want.
    Hey, hope that everything is allright. Come to Rome as soon as possible!!! Your next holiday…?
    Take care down there!!

  9. Marisol says:

    hola me encantan tus fotos y tu pagina… el sentido de la vida esta en la forma de ver las cosas

  10. Cati says:

    Marisol is right about the essence of life being in the way that you see it! And you surely see life in a very sunny, colourful way… Keep smiling, my dear friend!

  11. Your colourful world brings to memory a quote I read somewhere that says “we have a lot to learn from the crayons, some are pretty, some are sharp, some are blunt, some have weird names, but they all have to learn to live in the same box”. Your crayons are somehow all beautiful
    Indeed you are gifted and blessed to have this ability to capture and celebrate such incredibly touching moments…
    Thank you very much indeed, wafaa :-)

  12. Naoki says:

    You are showing outstanding natural beauty through your pictures. What a sensitive, delicate, and yet bold angle of work it is! ‘Still Smiling’, Gorilla and flies are my favorite pics among others. Keep smiling and colorful!

  13. khadija says:

    African mothers always giving more….love them.

    keep up the good work!

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